Thursday, March 6, 2008


Just ignore the title =D
anyways. lets just get down to real business here.

If u still dunno whattheheck i was crapping about.

is actually Project SuperStar la.
err.. Malaysia
ultimate lala singing competition.

haha. ok wasnt really gonna rub it in about that.
or else i'll have some serious bigg trouble with them.
But why not judge for yrself here

anyway. d whole point about this
ProjectSuperLaLa thing.



just bloody vote for this contestant.ALICE.
Apparently she's somehow related to me.
of course gotta support abit rite.

As i was browsing d net to look for some vids on this

(well i dun watch it at all on 8tv wei. never bothered to also lo.)
i was abit lala-fied lah.
some i think paksa-paksa pun okaaay la. some aint really got wat it takes mann.

i think making ground in singing industry requires more than just good voice,techniques..etc.
LOOKS is quite important also la.
come on.
alot of ppl can sing damndarn well but not exactly made it bigg time.
it's all about packaging. like d b.comm assignment we did. xD

anyhow alice got d looks i can say.
since after i browsed thru all d contestants.. some seriously..
omg.. okaay i'll just keep critiques to myself.xD

i think she's the most lenglui u can get in this competition.
voice wise... aint all that bad tho

at least she wont sound like this.

i shall admit. im only a small part in this whole scenerio.
TEH HUI MEAN is the key player here..


the one who did not hit the notes! xD

So now VOTE!
for Alice i mean. not Teh Hui Mean. xD


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