Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pavillion Bitch.

I was in pavillion the other day
walking randomly the entire place like nobody's business..
was accompanying someone la. or else i wont b so jobless la

we went into G&H there for shits..

as we were approaching..
the three "oh-mhyy-gawdd-im-a-biatch-look-at-me-or-i'll-die"
girls working there were 'head-to-toe'-ing us.
as if WE were the ones being bitchy here. like hELLo!???

stare all u wan man biatches.

wat ignites my biatchy-ness fit is this.

girl 1 : * stares at the shoes i was wearing* aiya... 我的是正版的ok??

girl 2 & 3 :对啦 ..... 她... *biatchbiatchbiatch language/laugh*

if u do not understand chinese.
the girl 1 was saying her shoes are the origanals.. n biatched about mine after that.


i wan to say.
fuck off ladies. seriously. i know u r rich or watever.
Do u really need to over-the-amplified it biatch?
n i know very well the pair u r having ok.. it aint that good alrite.
i got mine for sing dollar 30.
u prolly biatch-i-lly paid triple my price for the same pair...DUMB.

wats wrong wif having an-not-so branded pair huh biatch?
Brand no brand is nuttin.
wat matters is how u look when it's on u mann.
n i can tel u.. u aint better than me at all in those..

if u r that rich..
Why r u still working part time in a retail store.
while i stroll around freely with whoever i wan to where ever huh??

pls ladies.
dun let me see ur face again. or i'll seriously say it out loud in ur face.
at least we din directly put a biatch fit on u..

i hope u r not that dumb to realise that we were indirectly putting a biatch fit on u tho..
when we were talking rather loudly about brands n biatches.


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