Sunday, March 16, 2008

I is Chinese

First of all, i would like to announces that i'm a part time tutor now muahhahaa
subject to be taught...mandarin !!!

some of you might think that i doesnt meet the standard to teach mandarin.....psst....i think so too....anyway i took the paper during my PMR and got a its more than enough to teach standard 5 and 2 kids la !~~ case closed!! no comment!!

and for the first time, i been called as ...老师...proud proud haha

First day of class........i was kinda blur hahhaha ...sorry la...nervous mah ..1st time..ahem!

<----playing NFS Prostreet after class via my psp...what a good teacher i am

A lame A day:
What does it call when a chinese says bye


ps.Voon mean is very de 无聊 am i....MUAHHAHAHA

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