Monday, November 26, 2007

Random tho..NOT!!! it was my dad's birthday last saturday.So went to some chinese restaurant to have a family dinner hahhaa....Since Ken been avoiding from his roomate,so he need not to sign the tenancy contract...Smart bugga came to my house to overnight my dad mai ask him TOGETHER-GETHER to have dinner...Haih...i should have iron-ed my heart ..ditch him alone in the house eat maggi wif my doggies ..hahhaa..(Dont worry unlike SOMEONE!!!!!!...i wont ditch ppl 1)
"4 Seasons" hahhaa served on the wooden mini sampan
MORE CAMWHORE!!!!! yummy...
(p.s. look at my aunt...the lady in red shirt...somehow she looks like smoking cigar in the pic....HORRRR AUNTIE!!!! NOTTY AHH!!!!)

Roasted/Deep fried Ah Sai.....
See Voon...i rather to deep fry ah sai also dun wanna give her to u MUAHHAHAHA WATCHA!!!

HOHO....btw...i just..road killed a bird few days back...or i would rather says that..the bird purposely fly towards my car while i speeding ....hahhaa kinda hilarious .....birdie....

*posted by Jcak* who is still sick and try to regain back his lame-ness

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