Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bees & Gourd.

Yesterday nite me n my sister dunno y sumhow in the moood to watch some DVDs.
around 12 plus...

Voon : wah cannot sleep.. watch DVD lorr..
Hui : Buhbye.. i wanna sleep soon..
Voon : hmph.... fine dun wan teman me. U piggg~! sleep so muc.

So i decided to watch BEE MOVIE! Buzzzz Buzzz...
since dunno why my dad actually bought it..
wanna get in touch with childhood izzit? =D

After around 15 mins into the movie..
my sister come down to join me.
Sleep konon. bleh.

Anyways.. Bee Movie was nice..
funny and and yes yes..
i admit im in touch with my childhood ^.^
Who wanna grow up rite?

After having lotsa Bees n Buzz...

We watch THIS MOVIE.
What i can say about this chinese er.. Gourd
It's soooo lame until it's soooo funny.. omg.

Voon : Did u know 宝葫芦 is gourd? i have no idea.
Hui : i thought it was some bottle like ginnie in wonderland..
Voon : Harh!?

Thanks to the kid i am tutoring
( who borrowed me this really lame til sooo funny movie)I had fun watching la...


I remember Jack saying d movie sucked tho. hmph.
mayb he just dun wanna be in touch with his childhood. :P
unlike me and Denise.
(Denise just started on Neopets. way to go gurl! :D )

After marathon-ing on childhood movies.. It's like 4 am plus already.
my sister sumore say wanna sleep early..
she actually planning for a third movie...
But in the end we KO-ed on the couch..

Until my mom found us in the morning.

This is for shits...
Guess which is my foot..
Hint : I wasn't wearing long pants that day. xD

Smart smart.
SmileyZ ^.^

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