Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Misadventure Part 2

continue story time .

and so when we were eating eating...
Jack called Kent to confirm he coming onot..

Jcak : eh u coming onot?
Kent : er..see first. eh u all pay for taxi.. blall balal bla...

wah. so "mo yi hei" ditch us for ur GF horrr..summore ask us to pay taxi. bugga u.

wait til his GF sees this. hehehe.

*call ended*
Voon : Ken sure ffk one la. i bet $10
Jcak : i bet $50 he not coming.

very very soooon...
kent called again. This time..
Kent : Eh mana u all ar? I'm in Taxi already. O.o

HAH! Jack jack. u owe me $50 kaching kaching!! $.$

HAHAHA. sorry kent's GF..apparently kent is..a lil BZ there.
And so. we agreed to meet in KL sentral first.
WAH. Kent really showed up wei. sorry lah just now say u "mo yi hei"xD

Then only our REAL misadventure begins.
because of Jack wonderful idea a few days back...
REWIND rewind...

few days back...

Voon : Harh.. Kammy working la Friday wo.. how she go oh..
Jack : Oh liddat we go kacau her in her shop =D

Voon : OK we so going bangsar also. xD

Damn. thats all all this misadventure happen. ur fault jack.

So smart.
So. These 3 Idiots (me ken jack...gRr ur fault lah!) with no car sat LRT all d way to bangsar station.

And frm bangsar station....

dunno who said :
aiya walk oni lah to bangsar village. O.o

again these 3 id
iots WALKED frm LRT to Bangsar Village. Double So Smart.
And actually we dun really know where's d nike golf Kammy is working.
I just know it's near to SUZUKI. we got not enuff info.
and who blardy will notice d shop if pass by there by car rite.

It'll be near Bangsar Village rite...Dunno.
But we dun wanna ask Kammy for directions either. That will spoil d surprise.
di liddat.

we jalan jalan. makan makan. then we saw...
Our Favourite shop.xD

And i bought some candy.. Which got Kent hyperly addicted. eh MINE AR! MINE!

Kent mana pergi also makan.HMPH. again.MINE okaY!

Hahahah. omg. kent u look like...
I dunno wat to say la.

After d Toys R Us lameness..
We go makan!
another favourite pastime for us. Haha. P
roductive horr.
While waiting n stuff.. We did Anizo Camwhore aga
PRINCESSSSSS! dying princess?
Ur fault again jack. told u gimme jaga lah.
Plus human-anizo camwhore too=D

Okay play enuff. eat enuff also.Down to serious business edi. SURPRISING KAMMY.
so we went for some help.
this lady in info counter was sooo nice for taking out map n show us d whereabouts.

Jack : so, it's just beside d LRT station??
Nice Lady : Yes yes.
( omfg bigg mistake)
(but actually she nicce la. atleast she wanted to help ma. so jack.STOP FRIGGIN CURSING her.haha)

so we walk to the road back to LRT. but on the other side la.
OMFG. we walked ALL d way to the WRONG direction.
we ended up in some ulu place when u will say these things

DUNNO WHO : eh nike golf will open shop here meh? O.o
And we sampai to this place.
among all d ulu-ed shops.
NSTP is found. Wahhhhh hor.

Obviously not getting any nike golf anywhere HERE rite...
hahah. frustration leads to more human camwhore =D
ARGH. take cab oni la. gRr.RoarS

camwhore again

This is wat i call magic to fool small kids.
So fast switch places meh??
wahhhhhh. magic?

Btw. i din dye my hair ok! ori one.
*proud proud*

LOOOK at JACK N KENT in both pics.
see d similarities? xD

Okay. Sudah bored of camwhoring liao.
So we made really really REALLY lame videos.
pls bear with me peeps.

hahaha. kent tak layan lame-ness. layan GF.

kammy..surprise surprise.

voon : eh she'll do when she sees us ar?
jack : aiya. she sure go hug u ..blal bla bla...damn "gam dong" lorr.
Hahah. until now i pun belum dapat my hug =(

memang tak peka langsung! hmpH.
Jack u lousy fortune teller.

This is wat u do when u have 2 weeks of break.
and u have absolutely nutting to do on a friday. xD
max on lameness.
my LAME-ing partners in crime. (Kent and Jack)

If u realise. there's very little of Kent.
He's camera-shy worr. Konon.
layan-ing his gf horrrr..
Phone phone PHONE msg msg oni..

awH.. buhbye time. i gotto go makan my bigg meal in Hilton KL..XoXo
hahha. Ken can come.
Jack u go home teman shihtzu ah Sai yea. heheh.

See one day gone.
doing wat?
productive innovative LAME things.
i need some SERIOUSNESSSS in life already.
LAME-ness a blardy disease.

so EVERYONE. please dun get hooked on to lame-ness.
or else u'll end up like US.
Another advice. never LAME wif Jack. or Kent.
They are d ultimate sifu. hahaha
have nice day everyone! =D

+.*posted by still lame-ing vOon*.+

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