Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Misadventure Part 1

So the misadventure begins when.....

Jack: Go where ah.....
Voon:Dont know....meet up tomorrow at centre point then only decide la k
Jack:Like that ah...okie lo hahhaa

*The next day*
Reached centre point and i was late for 5 minutes , "Dai Voon Meen"...i mean "Dai siu jie" force me to treat her lunch for being late...sigh sigh..so we were discussing where to lepak then we called Ken to find out where is he.... JENG JENG*!!!! KEN DITCHED US FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND and will be joining us later.Left me and Voon T_T....so i called my dad to drop us off at KL Sentral,eventually my dad dropped us at TimeSquare Plaza haha.So when i was about to hop off from the car, my mom called me , and i turned back...*gosh haha i left my gold necklace on my car seat ..BLUR haha lucky me
So we were wandering around TimeSquare for a while , then decided to head to Sg Wang for our Brunch.So at Sg Wang, we went to "Gasoline" which located at lvl 6 to fill up our stomach...The food there ...So so only la...but the beverages....and the way they named it...ETERNAL FLAME!!!PLUMPLE!!!PINK PANTHER!!!POWERPUFF GIRL!!!!!! damn fancy...hahhaa

Voon's "Blue or Purple" Ice blended *
she exchanged her yellow straw with my Purple straw so that it matches her drink and her Purple outfit....LAME VOON!!
haha y look like white drink horr. omfg u lagi lame okays!psst edited by voOn

As usual Jack is memorizing the menu

Part 2 will be continued by voOn =D
*posted by Jack*

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