Tuesday, May 6, 2008



This is my first visit to Kenko Fish spa in Pavilion!! yay!

Have no clue wat it is about?

main character today is FISHHH!
Garra Rufa to be exact.
apparently these little ones can nibble away unwanted dead cells ANYWHERE of ur body.
and cure some skin conditions too. awesome!

This is how it goes.

Basically you pay RM38 ( the cheapest one tht is hmph.), sit beside a bigg pond of fish.
and feed them with your delicious yummy feet!

and well.
It cost RM38 for 30 mins oni. which will equals to about RM1.26 per minute.
Well conclusion is. u pay to help them feed fish.
( bring plastic bag to bring home fishh! enjoy free fish spa!wahh)
mind u ahh got cctv.. so dun pray prayy..
wah untung wei Kenko fella.
next time i wan to open fish spa also... teeheeee...

So this 2 "Siao Zha Bor" (crazy girl ) pun pergi lorr.

There's oni one word to describe...
Cut the crap. picss!

Environment there is quite nice and all la..

chloe & voonmean's kaki

This is wat u get if u oni had 2 hrs of sleep the night before.

Not enuff ah? clickkk on...

me : wah still got how long ah?
chloe : oni pass 5 mins oni wat.
me : WTFFFFF!!!!

the first five minutes lasted like eternity..omgg..
but soon we got adjusted to it la. it felt relaxing. ahhhhhhhhh.....
btw the side we r sitting were all small ones.
the bigg ones r bigg mann. holy shitt.. n aggresive alrite!
beginners. pls go to small ones first.
u'll thank me.

we thought oni those mums, aunties, ladies go to this kind of places.
Some Jap guys also joined us..

One of them was so scared also ok!

his expressions were quite priceless.
but i din get it on video la.

i think he will sue me.

Just a thought.
scenario #1

What happens if a verryyyy hairy legged guy go for this ah?
equivalent to free waxing? haha.
i must bring someone verryy hairy there one day.
tht must hurt ALOT.
so guys
dun let me catch anyone tht is verryy hairy..
or cham la nei ( die la you).

scenario #2

What happens if someone with really stinking feet... "hiong kong Giok" soak their feet there?
what a tragedy
poor fish will look like this.
so poor thing rite!
scenario #3
i still don get how to have a full body fish treatment.
like u go swimming la but this time. ALOT alot of fish will attack u. (im not kidding ok!)
what r we suppose to wear ah? or not even suppose to? or...how if accidents happen?
hahaha! i am curious.. chloe lets go one dayyyy!
mann! i wanna know.
seeing this.
there'll be our second visit. heheheheh.
After all the screaming, talking,laughing, camwhoring,videoing,stalking.. hahaha

We do even more camwhoring outside pavilion.

found mirror!when u find another bigger..bigger mirror....u'll get greedy.
surprisingly we've got pivillion all to ourselves! woohooo!!
thts y we can do jakun stuff.
my favv!! #drools#

from classy to thrashy..
sungai wang.
alot ppl... smell bad..chaotic sial.
i wan back pavilion!!

just another thing about fish.
remember to watch
before you go
i guarantee you.
u wont dare to put ur feet into the water.
specially into the biggg ones. hehe.

watch frankenfish first ah.
im bringing u there for mother's day!!


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