Sunday, May 25, 2008

F*** Life

Fuck life !!
It is nothing more than a prick in the eye. People live and people die. Unlike the past where dreams are flowing. In the modern world, it is influential and seems superior but the human race became dependent. Not just on technologies but rather everything. They got no dreams. Even if they do it’s not worth listening to because it’s mostly rubbish.

However there are exceptions. Those who lived a turmoil and solitude life. Those who fell into deceive and lie. Those who understands the meaning of life. And lastly, those who know what they possess and wish to sustain it. Yet, how many out of these billion of people possess these rare understandings. It is hard to comment and even harder to understand the fundamentals in lives. In our modern society, life as I view it is practically dead in its current form. Mankind’s chastity is being taken and wasted. Look around us, most people lack warmth that we once used to possess; friendliness, happiness, honesty, trust and love. We even do not possess the simple meaning of truth anymore. This is what the world is coming into. Furthermore, physically our actions prove it. Look at our ozone, its dying. Our creatures in the wild, disappearing. Our river and sea, chemically induced. Our younger generations, worn out or slothful. It does not take an intellect to figure this out. Therefore, fuck life~

~posted by:Derrick~

C'est La Vie

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