Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seeing Is Believing

been pawned in Counter Strike-Steam
Bloody Bored
annoyed by voOn in Msn by Keep replying me a DOT(.) yes a bloody dot!
Borsong-ness increased
decided to find something to do...and apparently spotted this!
Optical Illusion Dragon! ROAR!!
printed it out...cut it out...fold fold...stick stick...
After an hour of hardwork
and my bloody dragon is godamn cacat....FAILED!!Doesnt have any optical illusion at all!
folded and sticked wrongly i think
anyway gonna try it again!
If you're bored give it a try....right click on the pic above and "Save as"
follow the instruction been given and fold it accordingly
Suspense on optical illusion it has muahhaha explore urself

p.s. Someone's Spacebar sot zor!! DAI SEI!!!



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