Saturday, May 17, 2008

M&Ms ( Memories & Much More )

A few weeks back, I was back to CHS (Catholic High School) for a lil visit.
Actually, it’s more like wanting to take my cert only lah. hehehe.

Cuz apparently
my friend said: harhh!? U haven go take ah? Later they burn off ur cert then u know.

Well. Come on Des I won’t fall for that.

Oh yea...
Sports day was on that day as well
As for CHS-ians, u know lah typical sports day,

VERRY HOT (as in weather) and ppl wearing multiFIVE colours walking around every corner you turn..
Yes it’s still the same as ever.

But I must say this is quite a different Sports day comparing to the last five we had in our years there.

Well. Cuz we r not bound to ANY CHS rules for once!! whee... ^.^

But I realize the camps houses built this yr was not as extraordinary as the ones we had lorr. (Ok maybe this oni applies to blue house - my ex house hahha.)

classroom tht i've sat ALL of the seats ( was is coordinate 1,-1 or-1,1? i forgotten)

things hasnt seem to change around here

Taking pics in toilets is a tradition.

Another thing that hasn't change YET.
Puan Chiam (did i spell it correctly?xD)
spotted in an ensemble she wore for err.. since i was form 1. not kiddin.
the red n black wan la!

now we know. clothing can last. mann!

I din stayed for the whole thing tho. was rushing off.
n i din get my hands on my cert either.
means there'll be another trip back here.

And so happened.
i was de-cluttering stuff frm my room the other day.
and found.
those lil pieces of paper i requested ppl to write.
for remembrance.

it was suppose to be book-like.
but i was slacking on putting it together 2 yrs back. til now. so it's still in pieces.

some r rather interesting.
patented Pigg. by PiggyPigg INC. BakKutTeh
Self Proclaim Nut.I dunno i shud feel happy or depressed abt this.
Some ppl cant make up their mind to categories me into - "banana or cheena"
Some just want to show more artistic side.
Ian Ng. pretty detailed rite! dint know u have curly hair.
hahah. don kill me abt this.
Wat i would see in reunions. hahaa
n ppl oni write the very veryyy best best of u.
Apparently im "mean" n nice at the same time.
is tht even possible?
i guess it's possible for VOONMEAN lah. N innocent too. xD.. awwwhh.
this is the part i really don get.
y ppl like to draw shitt ah?
I must say. All these lil massages r really enlightening.
reading it made me giggle..
n brings back alot of good memories.
some r really lame.. lame, funny, meaningful at the same time.
Dont worry i'll preserve all this
til i bring it to my casket.
haha. ok. scratch tht.

Im really in a hurry now . so i'll make this brief.

finally u r as young as i am.. teeeheeheh!!


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