Monday, May 26, 2008


So one of my dad's tenant moved out month ago due to contract sudah over!
Now...the house is damn bloody echo somemore when u shout..
Some of the plants outside the house been stolen by some low-life after the tenant moved out...and i dun-fuck-noe why the fuck they steal it for.....
Touch-up and some cleaning needed before rent it out again
Gardening....Cleaning up the floor and algae in the pool
Ajak-ed Ken to help muahahhaaa
Ken hunting fish with a stick in the pool
(you just love poking with sticks dont cha hahaha after the chopstick incident)

While they all doing all the hard works.....and I~~~~

Posing and do some acrobat stunts with the stick hahaha

~~Lets see Who can Jump Higher~~

Jack VS Ken

Break Time.......Pillar Boy..."男"

Reminiscing the Good ol day~~lol

Seems like me and ken played more than we worked hahaha ...
and yea...the pool water damn greenish,haven't put chlorine thou
Just like....Kickapoo


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