Tuesday, April 1, 2008

u r really mean u know?
n.... happy birthday too girl.


Firstname: VoonMean
Nickname: wah. this one. u figure urself. should b famous
Name you wish you had: im proud of my name.
What do People normally Mistake your Name as: voonmean? dumb question.
Birthday: 1st baby in march!
Birthplace: assunta hospital
Time of Birth: i know it's at nite lorr.
Single or Taken: both? xD
Zodiac Sign: pisces

-Your Appearance-

How Tall are You: damn gao short ok =(
Wish You were Taller: Abuden. still need to ask. pffft!
Eye Color: black?
Eye Color You want: it's good as it is.
Natural Hair Color: errr.. there's black,brown, light brown n light light brown on my head. u pick laa.
Current Hair Color: sama la. no repeats.
Short or Long Hair: short. this is something i will not wanna talk about anymoree. hmph.
Ever Dye your Hair a Bizarre Color: nah. haven.
Last Time you did Something Dramatic with your Hair: define dramatic pls? afro perm?
Glasses or Contacts: Both. im quite blind fyi.
Do you wear Make-up: occasionally.
Ever had Hair Extensions: hah! i've been thinking bout tht recently. stop bout hair pls. ughh.
Paint your Nails:who dont?

-In the Opposite Gender-

What Color Eyes: as long as it looks good.xD
What Color Hair: same answer as above.
Shy or Outgoing: errr. wtf?
Looks or Personality: personality duh.
Sexy or Cute:im greedy. can i have both?
Serious or Fun: serious in relationship, fun to be with!
Older or Younger than You: it doesnt matter laa.
A Turn On: wtf?
A Turn Off: wtf?
Flowers or Chocolates: can i have a car?
Pepsi or Coke:Actually i cant really make a difference. but i always choose coke.
Rap or Rock: rock
Relationship or One Night Stand: relationship
School or Work: school
Love or Money: lovelovelove
Movies or Music:both laa. how to choose mann.
Country or City:lemme see.both got pros n cons. nowonder im living in d suburds. =D
Sunny or Rainy Days: sunny =D
Friends or Family:Both.

-Have you Ever-

Lied: i would be lying if i say never
Stole Something: i dun remember. dun think so. been a good girl.
Smoked: smoking aint funn do not do it ok? fine i did. once. hated it.watever.
Hurt Someone Close to You: who did not? sorry.... u know who u r.
Broke Someone's heart: pingplanggg! broken. u know who u r.
Had your Heart Broken: pinggplanggg! again. i know. it's me.
Wondered What was Wrong with You: why m i so jobless doin tis jobless thing vicki waikiki?
Wish you were a Prince/Princess: do not.
Liked Someone who was Taken:thats low mann. nonono
Shaved your head: ugggh here we go AGAIN.hairrr.
Been in Love: lovelovelove
Used Chopsticks: of cuz la.
Sang in the Mirror to Yourself: not tht jobless ok.


Flower: those purple colored.... ones lorr
Candy: err..
Song: too banyak laa
Scent: vanilla
Color: u say leh?
Movie: alot laaaaa
Singer: hate repeating ahhh..
Word: watcha looking at? hahah. jk
Junk Food: u put infront of me i'll let u know
Website: this dumb blog ur reading this moment. LOL
Location: earth
Animal: anything but cold blooded animals.

Ever cried over someone: ada la..
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: well i have alot of flaws ah. slowly la. xD
Do you think you're attractive:wah. quite dee perasan rite?
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:realistic.
Do you play any sports:got la

The rules: -

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1. I
2. Don
3. Really
4. Enjoy
5. Tagging
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who actually invented this game ah?
p/s :waikiki. revenge la now?
im done with it. buhbyee

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