Monday, April 21, 2008

3.11 AM

u know what.
i m really having insomnia mannnn.
and please pls....
this would be an all grumbling, random ranting, un-directional emo goa gao post
( the title suggest so too)
so just ignore me..

i am so tired.
u cannot bloody sleep alriteeee.
this really shucks bigg time. uuuggh!

toss here turn there soo many times.
im also having headache already.
so i decided to BLOGG.
which i haven done in ages mann. my bad . i know.
poor blog. been abandoned by voonmean. haih.

well.. college break is gona be over very soon..
means school days are back in actionnnn...

time really flies ....
not just when u r having fun.

i like now very much. i mean late nights
it's so quiet. peaceful.
and time seems to go by damn gao slowww....>>>>......
worst than tortoise tht kind. hmph.

im hungry. uggh!!
well ppl claim im forever hungry wan. yesss mann.

i watched shutter the other day.
horror flicks r really..... sighhhhh
i do not everr wanna touch anyy sort of horror movies anymore. shoooo!
quite-the-scared of going downstairs..
n my sister sleeps like a pigg. dammit.

and olympic is hitting malaysia tmr.. whee!!! ^.^
haha torch only tht is. alamak.
hope will see torch without panda eyes lah.
i need strong coffee in a few hrs time too xD
dengg damn lazy to type alr. uggh damn unmotivated okay.
since im crapping also..
................... ok

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