Monday, April 21, 2008

Camel Ron Hai Lan

Ditched by parent(went to Cameron Highland)and Bro (Busy with event job)
Friends???!!!?? They dont bother bout me .....jk hahaha

anyway...have to do all the house chores DAMNIT!
feed dog...clean up poo poos(6 doggie's poo poo approx.15 pieces of shit!)Laundry....ROAR!! least they brought back some souvenir from Cameron Highland ...
bor song-ness reduced 80%

Si Tor Bear Leis

Avocado,Strawberries,Dried Strawberries and Dried Rose petal
SINFUL....not..wa is not bimbo!


Godzilla Turtle's shield >.<

my parent spotted it at C.Highland
Cordinate X 74393 Y9413
"Sentoryu Wolf" Great Sword+8

Mom-Hunter Rank8,
"ROTAN" fire element +10

they decided to slay it and bring back the shield for me to make my own brand new sparkling armor haha
BTW...something wrong with the pic right? hahaa (k...i imagined too much..)

And Yeap...lots of tea,plant and veggie they bought frm Cameron Highland....sigh have to be good Broccoli everyday T_T do not want!
p.s. sorry played too much of Monster Hunter 2G
MUAHHAA tomorrow's plan..drink KamPai Ice and eat SITORBEARLI

what motivates me to blog today!?? cause tomorrow gonna have olympic torch relay in K.L
FUCK! I damn patriotic! hahahhaa jk

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