Sunday, June 22, 2008


Went to TGIF for lunch at One U after class with voOn,tEck,& cHloE...
(supposingly me and Teck gonna eat at Teppanyaki Shop....but since voOn strikes the 2.3 Mil TOTO 6D Jackpot few days ago and wanna treat cHloe lunch...tag along saja lor)

Ordered "World Famous Friday's Burger"....and...i sucks in cutting burger

Burger Di-cut oleh vOon ^^she sangat ber-potensi haha Bring her out if u'r lazy to slice ur steak

DESSERT TIME!!! hahhaaa ....psst psst ...take a look at voOn's eyes.......HAHHAHAA why macam "orgasm face" from my previous post ah?? haha


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