Sunday, June 22, 2008


Just got back from Ampang !! muahaha
Had Korean BBQ for dinner.....have to treat my bro since it was his bday 2 days ago hahaa
Ordered few sets of voOn's kind...aka...PIG! ngoik ngoik hahaha....
Comes With the BOTTOMLESS side dishes

From KimChi To Miso Soup WAHAHAHA NICE!!! We keep asking the waiter to bring us more Kimchi hahahaa ....Didnt order any Soul-Ju(korean rice wine??damn geli...and OHM sekali) today hahaa since my bro they all drank too much during his celebration at PoppY? i guess haha

After Di-sapu oleh kami

Ordered 4 sets of meat.... RM 99 sahaja!!! just nice la ~
and yet....a mystery occurred when we having our 3rd set of meat....Wasnt quite sure whether is it Pork or Beef.... gagagagaa ....or maybe its just some pork that tastes like beef haha....( Pork berlaku curang with Cow) HORH!!!
Tangkap BASAH

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dess said...

wei~!!y u did't bring me~!!i wan koren bbq too~!!!!!sei jack