Friday, February 8, 2008

Who What Where When Whose

So i was forced by my dad to go to genting to watch some boring Astro Event show.Since my bro doing part time job there as have to " BONG CHIONG" him . Even my bro told us that the show gonna be damn boring,but my dad INSISTS to watch that show...haih..what to do...have to be "Hao Sun Chai" for one day lo... T_T

After the show, had dinner dad-----Swt Case
Dad: Jack....later you follow me go casino k
Me: harh...dont want la...u and mommie go la...i hang out at Coffee bean with han they all..

(bought Coffee bean's beverage hang out kat Starbucks >_< )

Then went to my bro and his fren's hotel room lepak....while walking along the hallway...
An Undie kena ditched.....with a ciggy butt on it summore

*posted by Jcak*
*i sense that...voon gonna kill me after CNY break hahhaa*

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