Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Egg Affair

I know i MIA (Missing In Action) for.........
It's always. either. Im busy. takde mood.
OR just plainly biatchy lazy la.

So I came to my senses that.
Before people jump into conclusion that im no longer on planet earth or something.

Talk bout earth. there's something pretty interesting that i've found out the other day.

Im not sure if this is something only I/me/saya/wo don't know.
OR EVERYONE also taktau.
(Im actually starting to doubt my astrology/science level. what the heck!)

so my aunt was tellin us (me + cousins+whoever was there)
aunt : did u guys know u can actually make an egg stand vertically on the ground today?
WE : likeeee stand how!? wat r u talking about ah?
(at this point everyone is nott really thinking straight.haha)
aunt : okaaay. let me show u.

so we went outdoor. on a solid tiled floor. my aunt tried to put an egg in a "vertically manner".

well. i must say. SHE DID IT ALRITEE. check this out.
The "before" egg is how an egg usually looks like when we cincai cincai leave it on a surface.


The "after" egg is whatever my aunt jinx/magic/adabracadabra-ed it... er... to make it appear like that.

MAGIC huh.

guess what. In that sense, I have magic powers also. Check this outttt.
MAGIC!? i wish.

sorry for d blackk dark dark pictures. at night wat. waddaya expect..
dun worry im not gona post any camwhoring pics.. hahaha. nonono

Okay. there's actually an logical/scientific/chineseey explanation for ALL THESE.
er.. now to think of it. Im not sureee how to to explain.

so u see rite.
On this particular day in the chinese calender, it is marked the "beginning of spring".
so on this day. it is believe that the earth dunnohow but sumhow have a new cycle in the core inside earth. ...blahblah..

the most impotant of all, earth has a super-mega-ultra strong magnetic field compare to normal days. only for 24 hrs or so.

tht's y if u try makin an egg stand vertically. all u gotta do is try putting it vertically (like d pic above). plus some patience n no skills is needed..

U can actually feel there's like a somewhat magnetic field pulling the egg. no kiddin.

Like who actually found out all this wei?

This is when i said the stewpiddest thing.

me : maybe this only happens in Singapore lah..Singapore egg..different.hahaha.*ignorant*

well.. i will not know til another yr rite.
if i actually try it out in Malaysia. hehehe.


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