Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Merry Belated Christmas.

Merry Belated Christmas! =D
I like like love the presents! mega thanks.
particularly this one =D

i think alot of ppl would want to stab me right now right.
( seriously d jersey is too biggg for me la but whatever i like than can xD )

Christmas was niceeeeeeee! xD
til a point where i lost my brand new 4 day old phone.....
which was a really nice Christmas present.
which was.

which was a N73.

(thanks daddy! love ya love ya loveeeeeee ya!! xD. four days later.. daddy pls don kill me )

4days before and 4days after.
my god this is emo-ie depressing.


well at least my mom did almost chop me. not really for my dad tho.
wonder y. hahaha.

alot of ppl told me....

people : aiya nvm la get a new one lah...
voon : dude.. it was a new one =(


am i meant to be stuck with old phones? or am i just being paranoid.
voonmean.. u dont have jodoh wif new phone gua.
EVERYONE told me the exact same thing too.
dejavu? hahaha.

n pls do not ask how i lost the phone.
i think i repeated myself like 20, 30 times? boo.

anyways im stuck with a 3315 til i get another new phone
which is dunno when, where, WHO..hahaha.
(well tht'll be pretty quick. i'll make that quick. don care! i wan i

At the mean time.Y people don believe me when i say
that's my sister la, right beside me wan.
r we that different? that unsister-ie meh?
(and yes i know i am as short as my sister lah.hmph.)

hmm.. i think i should ask my parents.

pssst..btw jack. i wanna meet nana!
talk bout nana denise's nana is still with me xD


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