Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Thought i was long gone huh??

No Way Man!

ok if u dun have the stomach for babies pics...
do not scroll down anymore...
BUT i will still go on. xD

Well how do i start...
I was a...really...FAT
and Chubby baby. FAT not PHAT.
Ever wonder how i got my perfect manners? *AHEM!

N if u still havent noticed tht im guy-ish..

Can't blame me for being like a guy rite? 
cuz i grew up wif these fellas lah!.. and
my mom looks like someone frm mafia. xD

Yay! finally im not soo fat anymore!! =D
Thats y i like posing alr. HAHAH =D


And a SHARPAY wannabe since...
me : HMPH!!! Stupid jerk!! Wont forgive U!

voon : Dumb dumb.. pissed me off..pfft!
voon : OK la ok la forgive la~
hahaha my cousin xing will DEF kill me for this.xD

Wonder y im always hyper?
 Cuz i've been trained since young. xDD
Awwwh.. how can i ever forget my childhood.
Cuz we r still once awhile like that. =D

-voonmean- ^.^

1 comment:

usws said...

Not fair! I from skinny monkey jadi fat!! My faultlah, for calling others fat. XD

And wow, only girl among your siblings (i think?)? How's that like? You look pretty girl to me now. XP

p.s. I masih like thaat. Haha!