Saturday, January 12, 2008


It was few weeks back.I was invited to Derrick's 18th Bday party which held at Black Hole,Desa Sri Hartamas.The day before the party,Me and Louis went to Curve to buy Gift...after a long thought..we decided to buy him Kinky gift.So we walked into "I Need House" and bought that dude a party doll,JUDY!!!!
ps. Credit to Chloe for telling us there's a " I need House" in Cinneleisure do you know theres a I need House there ah...? JENG JENG!!

So being a obedient child as always, I only bash into the party after i had my "Gor Dong" Dinner,some Traditional Chinese Occasion which you need to have dinner together with all your family members.
*tick tock tick tock*

Bro dropped me at Black Hole and ciao.When i walked in the entrance door....i see .....AUNTIES!!! UNCLESS!!!!!....ARGHHHhhhh haha actually they are all derrick's mom's fren i guided by derrick's mom to a special room where all the youngsters are .
I SEE !!! BEER!!!! COUCH!!!! LIQUORS!!!! POOL TABLE(pool or snooker? i forgot hahhaa)
So when derrick opened louis and my gift,Judy! He was goddamn excited hahhahaa without hesitation...he blew the doll up and camwhore with it hahhaa,and we had great time with judy too!!! great time...i mean...tossing her around and do stupid pose...
Met some of my secondary schoolmate hahhaa *k cut the crap*

D is wee-wee-ing(k..derrick gonna kill me)
There's liquor...and nobody was there stopping me since Chow left the party...i poured half cup of Macallan 12 as my last shot and drank it....THEN!!! i wasted......

I cant remember anything after the Birthday
cake session ahhahaa.Awoke at some strange place...and hearing louis says

Louis:Dude...gtg..take care

I was like..huh...o....*shit...where am i* hahahhaa and i felt that theres some "Siham/Clam" smells in my mouth....I quickly rushed up to look for derrick..and..bloodyhell....everyone is sleeping...and its 7.45am...

After a while..we had breakfast together..they told me what i did atfer i dozed off which i can bloody remember anything.
I danced! I was lying on the road! They fed me "Lok Lok" and ...a bloody big packet of sugar.....

Lesson i have learnt....DONT GET WASTED WITH THEM!!!
psst ....Voon...wanna go Blackhole??hahhahaa
WASTED!!! *dude in black top is me.Jcak*

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