Saturday, October 20, 2007


Whatever JACK!
I got second. Still. bleh..

tick tock tick tock
This is bloody unfair!! I wanna be first LaH!!


Lets have a better staart...xD
I think everyone will be wondering who's Jack n Voon Horr.
Lemme just do a lil intro over here. .
Lets start with JACK.
sorry ken.. nvm la.."SHE" quite leng lui lah horr... xD

dUh one in BRIGHT PINK.. er... fake plastic-ie hair
Dude ar?? Dudda more like it loh.. hehehe.
hmmm.. lets see how to put JACK into an equation..

hYperActive + uNliMitEd PsYchoTic-neSs + aH gUrL = JACKO D WHACKO

who..Bullies...Craaaappppp like nobody's business...
N got me into writting all this crap.
Whoever's reading all this..
I pity u loh..
craaaping is good for health u know..
release streesss, lower blood pressure..blah bla bla...
see.. told ya everything is bloody CRAP actually.
OK...Before i kena whack by anyone.

I'll stop here..
Psss..Psss..btw..whoever wants Jack's number know where to find la...
But i doubt there'll be ANY inquiry for a long long time. heheheh..

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